Turn To ReadHelp Your Child Learn to Read with Turn to Read


Help your Child Learn to Read with Turn to Read:  The app that lets your child see, hear, touch, and learn words of all kinds.  Turn to Read shows and says each word then lets your child turn the item around, making reading as natural as talking or seeing. 

20 High Definition Interactive Images and Words.  The 360 Degree Turn Around Images let your child touch and explore
Fully Voiced – Each word is read out loud for your child to hear.  Includes both Male and Female voices. 
Full Color - Words are displayed in random colors and fonts.  Each time you read with Turn to Read, the colors and letters will change so that your child learns to read no matter the color or font. 
For ages 6 Months to 6 Years
Universal App works on iPhone and iPad. 

Bonus Features:
Playback Mode – Plays every word like a DVD for uninterrupted learning and entertainment. 

turn to read app
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